HL9467M Broadband Pick-off Tee (67 GHz, Plug Out)


The HL9467 Broadband Pick-off Tee, available as either matched pairs or individual devices, boasts low levels of insertion loss from DC to 67 GHz on the thru line and 55 GHz on the pick-off line (-3 dB).  It is suitable as a trigger source with minimum perturbation of the through signal path. Digital oscilloscope applications include pre-scaler triggering, synchronization, and clock/data recovery.

This product is part of our line of Broadband DC Pick-off Tees. See the “Related Products” section below for alternate connector configurations, or Contact Us to request a customized product.

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Technical Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Bandwidth (-3 dB) DC to 67 GHz, thru
DC to 55 GHz, pick-off
Amplitude Match ± 0.25 dB, typical
Risetime 5.2 ps
Insertion Loss -4 dB thru, -10 dB pick-off
Connectors 1.85 mm (V); jack in and pick-off, plug thru output
ROHS compliance Yes, assembled with lead-free solder
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Digital oscilloscope pre-scaler triggering
  • Synchronization
  • Clock/data recovery

Data and Documentation

See our Pick-off Tee page for all available configurations in this product family.

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