Low Pass Rise Time Filters

The HL945x  family of low-pass absorptive rise time filters provide superior return loss and flat group delay.  

Designed using HYPERLABS’ proprietary absorptive filtering, these filters offer similar frequency response as 4th order Bessel-Thompson filters.

These filters are suitable for OEM use in high-speed telecom and digital networks, as anti-aliasing filters in digital oscilloscopes, and to limit the RF bandwidth to known values.

For rise time values of 60-200 ps, select Model # HL9450.

In addition to the options listed within this website and datasheet, HYPERLABS offers customers quick-turn custom filter designs up to 45 GHz.

The full-turn service includes design, manufacturing, and assembly. Small quantities are typically available within a few weeks.

Please contact us for more information about these custom designs.