Broadband Baluns, Pick-off Tees, and other Ultra-broadband Components


HYPERLABS offers a broad range of Ultra-Broadband RF components including baluns, pick-off tees, DC blocks, DC bias tees, and sampler/mixers.

Our industry-leading broadband baluns offer unrivaled -3 dB bandwidth, amplitude and phase match, and price-for-performance in microwave and RF applications.

Broadband pick-off tees, available as either single units or amplitude- and phase-matched pairs, boasts low levels of insertion loss from DC to 40 GHz (-3 dB).

DC bias tees and block capacitors are well-matched components that either block or allow the insertion of a DC bias.

For aviation and Sigint applications, our samplers / harmonic mixers offer industry-leading linearity and harmonic distortion up to 20 GHz.